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Cypress Hill
Netherland Dwarfs

For Sale

Vienna Marked Black Blue Eyed Buck - $60 - will post pics soon Black VM ½ blue eyes sport buck - $50without - $65 with pedigree

explanation of “broken”

(whenever you see “Broken” listed in front of the color - it is simply the term used for the variety or color of a rabbit that is spotted. So, if you have a rabbit that is white and then has black or any of the other dozens of varieties of colors available in that breed - it is called a broken. So if it is white and has black spots - it is a Broken Black for the purpose of the pedigree, breeding etc. When you show it - it is show in the “All Other Varieties” group with the Brokens - they don’t show every color variation seperately. Sports/Vienna Marked will also have white on them - but they are not showable as brokens. The usually don’t have spots - but they might - but they are usually marked like a dutch bunny and may have blue eyes!