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Netherland Dwarfs


So the colors we raise in Netherland Dwarfs are: Black, Blue Eyed White, Red Eyed White, Black Otter, Blue Otter, Siamese Smoke Pearls, Siamese Sables, Himalayan, Chestnut and Brokens (mainly Black, Black Otter & Chestnuts in the broken variety.)

Netherland Dwarfs

The Netherland Dwarf is a popular breed of domestic rabbit that originated in the Netherlands. Netherland Dwarf rabbits weigh 1.1 to 3.5 pounds. The maximum accepted adult show weight is 2.5 pounds. Brood animals may weigh as much as 3.5 pounds and they often make better mothers and excellent breeding stock for those interested in showing their rabbits. Netherland Dwarfs are mostly kept for pets or exhibition animals. They are very rarely used as sources of meat or fur due to their small size. Ideally for show - you want a rabbit that is well-balanced. Dwarfs are supposed to have chubby, little round heads proportioned well to their bodies, rounded ears, that are small and carried high on the head. Their body should be compact and rounded and carry well from the shoulders to the table and have good flesh condition. Some mini specialty varieties are crossed with a Netherland Dwarf at some point to create the new breed. When you see this described below - this is how the breed started - most of these breeds have come so far - that these kind of breedings are no longer necessary now that the new breed and bloodlines are established. For example - Standard Rex to N. Dwarf to create Mini Rex. Angora and N. Dwarf to create Jersey Wooley Jersey Wooley and N. Dwarf to create Lion Head - you get the idea!